DOT Quartet is a young, dynamic and versatile string quartet located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Since the quartet was founded in 2013, its players have been combining the rich classical string quartet tradition with influences and techniques from non classical styles, hence creating a new and unique identity for the string quartet. Having been through a classical education, they investigate the possibilities of the string quartet in styles like jazz, pop, singer songwriting, prog-rock and world music. Contact, - both among the players and with the audience -, energy, fun and improvisation are key words to the Dots. Since the quartet adopted a radically new style, the music they play also needs to seamlessly fit, and they therefore arrange and compose most of the music they play themselves. In their playing, composing and arranging, the DOT quartet is greatly influenced by the Turtle Island String quartet, a pioneer in the musical realms the DOT quartet works in.

In the beginning of 2016, DOT Quartet recorded their debut album, 'Travelers', containing 14 original compositions. The album was successfully presented on a tour through Spain and the Canary Islands, with a great response from their audience.

The Dots are regularly performing in the Netherlands, and have also done so in Belgium, Greece and Spain. Over the past few years, they have participated in many festivals such as Festival Classique, Fifty Fiddles Festival, North Sea Round Town, Pilgrim Harbour festival, Delft Fringe Festival, Dag van de Romantische Muziek, and Delft Chamber Music festival. In 2015, the DOT quartet was the finalist at the Music Matters Award, having received the Special Mention from the jury. More recently, in 2018, DOT Quartet received the first “Delft Chamber Music Festival Award”. In words of the jury: “The DOT Quartet has made very refreshing play. The string quartet played its own composed pieces convincingly and in a very tight version. The members have a classical background but enjoy playing jazz, folk and world music. The level of the individual musicians and their interplay makes the DOT Quartet the rightful winner of this Award."

Gustavo Cabrera

Gustavo Cabrera was born in Los Angeles, California (1989) and has a second nationality from Argentina, where he lived for 5 years. He has played violin since the age of 5 and has initially been classically trained. In 2004 he entered the competition “Public Radio Young Performers Concerto Competition” of which he became the winner. Following this motivating experience, he continued to study in Illinois at Millikin University in 2007. While there, he already started to dedicate his time to exploring the possibilities of the violin within the jazz idiom, until he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina. There he started to study tango while also playing in classical orchestras and eventually touring in 2012 with “Orquesta Tipica Ciudad Baigon.”
After playing and studying in Argentina for some years, Gustavo decided to relocate to Rotterdam in 2014 to pursue further studies in performance and composition in the tango department at Codarts Conservatory. It was there that he joined the DOT quartet in 2017. Gustavo is the charismatic first violinist of the quartet, and his tango background always shimmers through in his eloquent and lyrical style.

Currently, he is in the last year of his masters studies at Codarts, studying composition with Paul van Brugge and Gustavo Beytelmann. He is focusing on composing for solo bandoneon, violin and orchestra, and also carefully investigating and studying the options when it comes to composing for the Dot quartet with its unique sound and possibilities.

Ivan Nogueira

Iván is born in Vigo (1990 – Spain) in the northern Spanish region of Galicia, an Atlantic land full of myths and witches, green mountains, sea and Keltic sounds. His Galician roots shape strongly his character between shy and outgoing, hard and passionate worker, quiet, generous and a curious soul. It is commonly known that Galicians respond to a question with another question, go and ask him how that works!

Since he was a small kid, Iván wanted to make music, at first on the piano although soon he got a cello which since then it’s been his biggest passion and his strongest sign of identity. Iván defines himself as a multi-sided cellist and creator. With high-quality standards, he is very active on the development of both own projects and collaborations with other artists from different backgrounds and disciplines.

After graduating at the conservatory of his hometown in 2009, he moved to Zaragoza to keep developing his musical skills as a classical player within CSMA. His curiosity made him be part very valuable experiences aside his classical education, such as the Tango ensemble “Orquesta Típica Central”, at the theater orchestra “Orquesta de las Esquinas” or at the street Pop/Rock string trio “Trio Aragonaise”. Iván got involved in these groups not only as a performer, but also as arranger and composer, which is nowadays a very important skill at most of his musical projects and collaborations.

In 2013, after graduating at CSMA, Iván moves to Rotterdam (The Netherlands) to live new experiences and to enroll at the Classical Master of Music program of Codarts, Rotterdam Conservatory. Since his very first year in the low lands, he participates very actively in the creation and development of projects within the Classical and Contemporary music fields, Pop, Jazz, and World music such as Brazilian and Anatolian. Apart from DOT Quartet, to name some: AKOM Ensemble, Breton Piano Trio, BlueMoon Duo, Septeto Camaleón, Agartha and Majazzu. Not to forget other remarkable collaborations as with the Metropole Orkest, Vrienden van Amstel Live, or the Dutch singer Giovanca.
Concerning DOT Quartet, Iván claims: “DOT Quartet stands out all the musical projects I’ve ever done. It is a crazy mixture of my roots, my musical backgrounds, education and my character. It comes served in the form of a fun ensemble where I can just be myself. DOT is a small family where we all learn from each other, and we share all the best we’ve got inside us”. At the moment, Iván lives and works in The Netherlands combining his activities at DOT Quartet with other musical collaborations and both school and private music lessons.

Chris Kosides

Born in Thessaloniki, Greece Chris Kosides started to play the violin at the age of 7. It all began when he saw for the first time a live orchestra concert on the TV . Eventually after some years he received his degree in classical violin at the New Conservatory in 2012. His passion for improvisation and jazz music was clear at an early age, and was certainly partly awoken by the many musicians his family counts. His father would put his favorite George Benson cassette while he was driving in the car . This and many other inspirations made him want to travel abroad and try new things.

After trying the classical departments at Codarts Conservatory Rotterdam, Chris decided to go study jazz with Tim Kliphuis, at the Fontys Conservatory in Tilburg. It was also around this time that he and Ivan founded the DOT quartet together. For the past few years, Chris has been focusing on performing, arranging and composing for the quartet and for his other ensemble Fable Quartet, a hot club gypsy jazz group based in Amsterdam. His sound is generally based on gypsy and swingjazz, but Chris generously blends in some rock and some blues elements and becomes a genuine rock star when he feel like. Moreover, he is a a skilled guitar player and singer.

Chris is also fascinated by photography and graphic design. He designed, among others, the artwork for the 2016 DOT quartet album Travelers , the quartet’s website and all of the quartet’s promotion material.

Isaac Poels

Isaac Poels was born in Leuven, Belgium, in 1994. He picked up the violin at the age of 9, and from then on he has constantly been involved closely with music. He had a very busy musical youth playing and performing with music school ensembles and youth orchestras, and following many classes at the music school. Around the age of 14, mainly driven by life changing experiences in a local youth orchestra, he decided he wanted to make music his life.

In 2012, Isaac enrolled in the Fontys Conservatory in Tilburg, dreaming of becoming a classical solo violin player. That dream changed drastically over time. In 2014, he decided to change instruments, and become a viola player. He was also very inspired by fellow students from other arts disciplines that he met at the Fontys site, and was by consequence more and more drawn towards non classical music and improvisation, and towards interdisciplinary collaborations with dance and theater. In 2018, Isaac graduated as masters in Creative Performance, an interdisciplinary master profile, at the same school in Tilburg.

Isaac is a very eclectic musician, who is active in many different genres and who is always likely to do something weird. He is playing in DOT quartet, and is also still involved in classical music. Besides he makes electronic music, producing soundtracks for dance or theater performances, and he teaches violin, viola and bands in local music schools.