Meet the DOTS

Gustavo Cabrera


Gustavo Cabrera was born in Los Angeles, California and has a second nationality from Argentina where he has lived for 5 years. He has been playing the violin since the early age of 5 and has been classically trained showing as shown as the winner at a Public Radio Young Performers Concerto Competition. After this motivating experience, he continued to win private scholarships to study in Illinois until also winning a Special Study Scholarship to study his Bachelor Degree at Millikin University in 2007. While attending there, he dedicated his focus in Jazz until he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina. There he started to study tango and also continued his classical career while also touring Europe with the first serious tango orchestra in 2012. Every one of these professional experiences gave him yet more energy to focus his musicality in each style he had the opportunity to play in, learning more deeply with every inspiration.
After achieving his last job in a national tango/Argentinean symphony in Buenos Aires and playing with Leopoldo Federico and Amelita Baltar, he decided to move to the Netherlands in 2014 to pursue further studies in performance and composition. Once in the Netherlands he was immediately called by the ¨Seleccion Nacional de Tango¨ of Argentina to tour in Lisbon, Brussels, London and Istanbul directed by Cristian Zarate.
Later that year a composition for solo violin by Cabrera was discovered in a festival in L’Aquila, Italy and was invited to perform it for an eager and curious audience which of course led to also a tango performance. After this he decided to compose for solo piano for an international composition competition in which he made it to the final round in 2016. In 2017 he toured with Tango Tinto all over Italy and continues to perform all over Europe frequently.

Chris Kosides


Chris Kosides was born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1991. He graduated from the Music School of Thessaloniki and received his degree in classical violin from the New Conservatory of Thessaloniki. After attending Codarts in Rotterdam in the classical department, he began working closely with Tim Kliphuis in Fontys Conservatory to develop his improvisation skills. His playing is greatly influenced by his musical family and many great jazz figures like Chick Corea, Chet Baker, S. Grappelli, Stuff Smith.
Chris performed together with various formations & explored different music styles, all around Europe. With his former band Swing till you drop and recently with Manouchedrome (guest) he participated in five Djangofests in Greece. In 2008 he performed with the jazz fusion band “Note ‘n’ Rest”. He is one of the founders of Dot Quartet. Many of his compositions and artwork are included to their new album “Travelers”. He is also the creator of the new Hot club gypsy jazz group named “Fable Quartet” which is based in Amsterdam and currently is in the process of a studio recording with some of his original compositions.
Moreover, he is a guitar player, singer, songwriter and composer. Part of his time is also dedicated to photography and drawing. He lives in Rotterdam where he works as a freelancer musician, teaches and performs frequently from small cafes to big stages.

Isaac Poels


Isaac Poels (1994) was born in Leuven, Belgium. At the age of 9 he started attending violin lessons in a local music school. The importance of music kept growing to him, and at the age of 16 he started violin lessons with the Belgian violin and viola player Jenny Spanoghe and theory and compositions lessons with her husband and composer Jan Van Landeghem. In 2012, Isaac started his music studies at the Fontys conservatory in Tilburg as a violinist. Along the way, his interests changed, and he found a true companion in the bigger and deeper sounding viola which he currently completely favors over the violin. Also, his attention was pulled to jazz and improvised music, collaborations with the physical disciplines like dance, circus and theater, as well as composition, instant composition and arranging.
In 2016, Isaac graduated from the conservatory with a partly improvised program including an improvised performance piece with a dancer and a composition for string quartet.
Right after, he started a master in creative performance at the same school in Tilburg. The profile was made up for him, and covers lessons in performance, composition, (jazz-)improvisation and classical.
Isaac is a musical omnivore and currently his activities cover a wide array of styles and fields. He’s found in classical ensembles such as Kamerata Zuid and in many other classical projects, as well as in improvising groups. He played with the Dutch band Raccoon in the Ziggo Dome, with the metropole orchestra in Concertgebouw Amsterdam, but is also a devoted teacher in local music schools and is playing in a childeren’s theater piece as musician/actor. He writes pieces and arrangements, and is at present involved in an interdisciplinary improvisation research at theater de Nwe Vorst in Tilburg together with the Greek choreographer Evangelos Biskas.

Ivan Nogueira


He was born in Vigo (Galicia, Spain). Music attracted him early in his childhood and at eight years old he began to play the cello at the conservatory in his home city, his principal cello teacher being Isabel Figueroa. At his graduation, he won the “End of Degree Prize”. He was then admitted to study at CSMA, (Zaragoza, Spain) where he continued his training with Mayte García and Fernando Arias. Iván also received at CSMA a very valuable education on the Suzuki method.
Iván is also an experienced chamber music and orchestra cellist, having performed with Orquestra Vigo 430, Camerata Rotterdam, Orquesta Goya and Galicia Youth Orchestra among others. He is also interested in contemporary music. He had the opportunity to work with Nacho de Paz at Academia Para la Nueva Música, which takes place in CSMA, and with the Akom Ensemble (Rotterdam). It was there that he performed the most important music of the 20th and 21st centuries, working with the new generation of composers.
In 2011 he became a member of Orquesta Típica Central, a tango ensemble, performing in such important venues such as Sala Mozart (Zaragoza), with great success. Iván was also involved in several projects with the theater company “Teatro Che y Moche”, performing in the show “Metrópolis”, and participating at Orquesta de las Esquinas.
He also participated very actively in the creation and development of different projects, which are now his biggest sign of identity. In 2013 he developed Breton Piano Trio, classical music ensemble which brought him to “Mendelssohn Festival 16” (Hamburg, Germany). On the same year, he also leads the creation of DOT Quartet with whom he recorded his first original album in 2016 (“Travelers”) and offered concerts in The Netherlands, Greece, and Spain. More recently, he creates Agathe Ensemble, a collective of musicians which is able to perform chamber music both in large and small settings.
Iván has also experience with editing, arranging and composing music, both for his own projects and as commissions. At the moment he combines working his own projects with being a freelance chamber music and orchestra musician and music teacher.

About the quartet

DOT Quartet began in 2013 when 4 prominent and versatile musicians met in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Raised on a classical background, they all wanted to investigate the possibilities of a string quartet in non-classical music styles like jazz, pop and world music. They compose and produce their own music, influenced by different great artits such as the Turtle Island Quartet, Django Reinhardt, Duke Ellington and Radiohead. The result is a new sound concept, where improvisation and freshness in performances have a main role. Dot Quartet is comprised of violinists Gustavo Cabrera and Chris Kosides, violist Isaac Poels and cellist Iván Nogueira and they are based in Rotterdam.

In the beginning of 2016, DOT Quartet recorded their debut album, ‘Travelers’, containing 14 original compositions, written by the quartet members. The tracks carry influences from different music styles, such as Indian music, folk, jazz, soul. The album was succesfully presented on a tour through Spain and the Canary Islands, with a great response from their audience.

There were some other highlights during their 3 years they’ve been working together. They were recently invited to play as “houseband” at the 10th edition of “Festival Classique” (Scheveningen, The Netherlands). They’ve been invited to some other festivals such as “Fifty Fiddles Festival” (De Doelen, Rotterdam) and“North Sea Round Town” (Rotterdam). In 2015 “the Dots” were finalist at the Music Matters Award 2015, having received the Special Mention from the jury for the originality and quality of the project. This brought them to some of the major concert venues of Rotterdam, such as BIRD and De Doelen. They also created a original program,“Press start”, in collaboration with pianist and composer George Kosides, which presents a selection of videogames sound tracks. It brought them to Greece, where they were invited in May 2015 to present the project at “Comicon Thessaloniki”, amongs other venues.

DOT Quartet often collaborates with other artists which allows them to share experiences and influences. They worked with saxophonist Alessandro Russo, experimental fusion band Voodrish, the rapper Monta, singers Jefferson da Veiga and Nanda Akkerman. The dots also had the chance of sharing stage with some other great figures such us Frankie Gavin, Tim Kliphuis and Gjermund Larsenand. It was very meaningful their collaboration with singer songwriter Aristides Moreno, from Gran Canaria. Together, they produced the show“Concuerdancias”. The input of the dots gave Moreno’s music a new dimension that was greatly appreciated by the singer’s audience, which is still devoted to his music after more than 20 years of musical career.

At the moment they are developing a new
educational show, lead by Dieuwke Bart. They also keep enlarging their repertoire by writing new arrangements and original music.